Commitment to your business

Private label

Product tailored to your needs


Our business and manufacturing platform supports high-end retailers for brands and private labels in every continent.

From duvet covers to fitted sheets, from bedspreads to throws, all of our home textiles are made according to our partners’ needs and requests.
Choosing from our range of high-standard fabrics, our partners can customise any detail, measurement, colour, design, print or any other component and still get fast delivery dates, according to the market’s highest demands.
Exclusive fabrics and materials can be developed to achieve unique pieces and concepts.



Exclusive identity

To meet the challenges of the hospitality world, all our products are made from the finest materials and woven to withstand the heavy usage required by hotels and resorts. Our strict quality control mechanism ensures that every thread is perfect.

Through a full customisation program, we help you become distinct from the rest. From detailed embroideries and colours to custom logos and monogramming, our options are endless.