February 22 2024

Paper Cups – a More Sustainable Option

ACL Impex has taken another step towards sustainability by replacing plastic cups in coffee machines with paper cups. This decision, considering the approximately 100 employees who consume an average of two coffees per day, has brought a series of advantages and benefits for both the company and the environment. Surprisingly, it is estimated that about 150kg of plastic are consumed annually just in the coffee machine cups at ACL Impex.

The switch to paper cups represents a significant reduction in plastic usage. With the growing problem of plastic pollution, especially in oceans and natural environments, ACL Impex is doing its part to reduce its ecological footprint, contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

ACL opted for the use of paper cups coated with PLA. These cups are designed to withstand heat and are suitable for hot beverages such as coffee, making them a more sustainable choice compared to styrofoam or conventional plastic cups, as PLA is biodegradable and compostable. This means that after use, these cups can be easily decomposed by nature, without leaving toxic or persistent residues in the environment.

From a business perspective, replacing plastic cups with paper cups can result in long-term savings. Although the initial cost of paper cups may be slightly higher than that of plastic cups, the reduction in the use of non-renewable resources and the potential reputational benefits can offset this initial investment.

This measure also promotes a culture of sustainability within the company, encouraging employees to adopt more responsible practices in the workplace and even in their personal lives. By demonstrating concern for environmental issues, ACL Impex strengthens its employees’ commitment to sustainability and improves its relationship with the community.

In summary, the switch from plastic cups to paper cups in ACL Impex’s coffee machines is a decision that brings benefits for both the company and the environment. This measure demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and may inspire other organizations to follow the same path towards a more sustainable and conscious future.

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