Family Legacy

100 Years of Know-How

A family legacy spanning 100 years.
Every single ACL Impex product represents decades of experience.

1st Generation

Albano Martins Coelho Lima is the founder of the company Albano Coelho Lima & Filhos, the first in a long-lasting bed linen tradition

2nd Generation

João Leite Coelho Lima is the second of six children and works besides his father and siblings, helping the company grow


Foundation of the company Albano Coelho Lima & Filhos, that later became Sociedade Têxtil Albano Coelho Lima

3rd Generation

António Coelho Lima, son of João Coelho Lima, and his wife, Maria José Coelho Lima, continue on the family legacy
At some point, Sociedade Têxtil Albano Coelho Lima was one of the biggest home textile producers in Europe, having 3500 employees

4th Generation

Sara Macedo Coelho Lima, daughter of António Coelho Lima and Maria José Coelho Lima, inherits the family tradition


António and Maria found ACL Impex and made it world recognized as the top quality bed linen player.
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