Production Process

Accelerating Solutions

Craftsmanship is at the forefront of innovation. From research to finished textiles, and distribution, all parts of our process employ the absolute highest industry standards for quality as well as sustainable manufacturing practices.

Design and Development

All styles are designed by us. ACL Impex has a team focused on studying market trends, choosing colors, premium materials, fabric constructions, and stitches that make each design exquisite and each product unique. This department is equipped with sophisticated creative software and tools.

Sourcing Raw Materials

Only the finest fibers and fiber blends. At ACL Impex, we take great pride in the raw materials we use, and where we source them from.

Spinning and Weaving

Before yarns are woven on the looms, they need to be prepared. We perform all cutting operations to prepare the fabrics for further manufacturing. Fabrics are then produced with a control system monitored in real time, respecting deadlines to meet the needs and demands of your customers.

Finishing, Cutting & Sewing

After finishing treatments, and once the manual or automatic cutting is done, our sewing team gets in action. Next, our bedding is washed, ironed and packaged. Ready to ship!

Quality Policy

After the final check to inspect and verify the fabric’s quality, the product is ready. This department aims to guarantee that all industry standards and policies are followed, securing product conformity according to each client’s requirements.
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