Our Sustainability Pledge

Striving for Transparency

electric vehicles

A fleet of 100% electric cars to end carbon emissions during daily commutes.

Kg CO2/Piece

Average CO2 consumption per piece. A projection to achieve by 2024. 98,279 estimated pieces produced in-house.

LESS electricity

Focus on Solar Energy Technologies. 102 photovoltaic panels for a clean energy source. A 46% decrease in the grid’s electricity consumption

Authenticity begins with the fiber and the people behind it. From a fair trade standpoint, these foundations are highly thought-out at ACL Impex, as we ensure everything we state is fully traceable – locally, nationally, and internationally.

We are committed to making our company a reference for sustainability in the textile industry through R&D investments, human resources, waste reduction, and energy-efficient practices. Plus, we have formed a dedicated team to closely monitor and transparently report our performance to the Executive Committee.

Environmental Policy

Apart from certifications, which secure there is meaningful action behind any business’s sustainability claims, we follow responsible consumption norms as for raw materials, purchases, and production operations.

Sourcing Policy

Our Responsible Sourcing Policy aligns with global sustainability goals, promoting engagement and standardized communication with suppliers and stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Find out more about our social initiatives in line with Sustainable Development Goals, such as donations to NGOs, annual distribution of profits, and so on.

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