Creating Synergies

Partnerships contribute to the sustainability of the businesses involved, which is why ACL Impex has several partners that share the same social and environmental goals, and play a key role in promoting sustainable development around the world.


Ocean clean-ups collect all types of waste and then sort them into different material types. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE gives a second life to those materials so that they don’t end up in landfills or incinerated. They are then returned to the industry to be transformed into new, useful products with full traceability, and this is where ACL Impex comes in. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of textile manufacturing as much as possible.

Better Cotton Initiative

Along with valuable Women’s Empowerment programs and reduced use of synthetic pesticides, Better Cotton takes a step towards a more sustainable mainstream global cotton production with the provision and payment of fees by partners. The sector’s development has the potential to reduce poverty and improve soil health as well.


Time is running out for brands, retailers, and suppliers to face environmental, social, and governance challenges. We partnered with CottonConnect, a pioneering company with a social purpose, to source more sustainably and turn our global textile supply chains more transparent. Meanwhile, it supports the well-being of farmers and raw material producers, particularly in rural communities, by enabling them to work more responsibly.

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