Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering Our People

We take human rights seriously in our value chain. Behind every product, there is a team of dedicated professionals. From the cotton-growing farmer to the factory worker and their surrounding community, we provide our best efforts regardless of their country.


ACL Impex follows the triple bottom line or the 3Ps of sustainability: People, Planet, and Profit. Yet, because there is no point in any of this without a purpose, our CSR aims to balance financial success with social and environmental stewardship.

Supported Causes

Our Code of Conduct shall be complied with under conventions from the UN International Bill of Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, we support relevant social initiatives all year round.

Promoting Social Equity

Our company does not differentiate between employees, customers, or suppliers regardless of ethnicity, gender, or age, they are. We foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace as much as possible because only together we can build the future.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

ACL Impex’s employees are provided with a health card, giving them access to health and welfare services. Likewise, it’s our priority to take care of our people by ensuring safe working conditions.

Quality Education

Training our workforce offers opportunities to develop skills, improves competitiveness, promotes personal and professional growth, encourages constant updating, and confers credibility. In 2022, ACL Impex provided 98 hours of training in hygiene and safety, among others.

Economic Responsibility

As we value our human resources, everyone earns a wage higher than required by law. Additionally, ACL Impex shares profits, in the form of bonuses. We also ensure suppliers and partners act in strict compliance with the International Labor Organization norms affirming that everybody must receive fair pay.

Social Responsibility

If you suspect of any misconduct, we appreciate you reporting it

If you suspect or detect any behavior that goes against these values, send us a message here.
All concerns will be thoroughly looked into and addressed anonymously and confidentially.
Partners and suppliers must cooperate in investigations of alleged misconduct.

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