January 12 2024

About Sustainability

Sustainability has emerged as a topic of great general interest for modern companies and industries due to a series of sociological, anthropological, and humanistic reasons. These perspectives provide valuable insights into why sustainability has become a central concern in contemporary business practices.

From a sociological perspective, the growing awareness of the impacts of human activities on the environment and society plays a fundamental role. Modern society is increasingly concerned about climate change, loss of biodiversity, and other environmental issues. This has led companies to recognize the importance of adopting sustainable practices to meet society’s expectations and maintain a positive image.

In the anthropological realm, the understanding of the interconnection between local communities and the environment has gained prominence. Sustainability is not only a global issue but also has direct implications for local communities. Modern companies recognize the importance of respecting local cultures, preserving traditional knowledge, and ensuring that their operations do not cause irreparable harm to the communities that host them.

From a humanistic perspective, ethics plays a central role in the adoption of sustainable practices. Companies are increasingly understanding the responsibility they have towards future generations. The idea of preserving the planet for the next generations aligns with humanistic values, promoting the concept of a positive legacy and the preservation of natural resources for the benefit of all.

The home textiles sector has undergone several transformations in recent decades, due to technological changes, the evolution of production costs, international competition and above all by sustainable development and the growing concern of the industry’s impact on the environment.

In summary, sustainability has become a priority for modern companies due to the growing sociological awareness of environmental issues, the anthropological understanding of global and local interconnection, and humanistic principles emphasizing ethics and responsibility towards future generations. These combined reasons are driving the integration of sustainable practices into business strategies worldwide.

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