January 12 2024

Sustainability – A Teamwork

As often mentioned, it is worth emphasizing that, in today’s world, sustainability has become an essential pillar for businesses, guiding companies to rethink their practices for a more positive impact on the world.

Aware of these principles, ACL Impex has created a sustainability team aimed at identifying opportunities to optimize production processes, reduce resource consumption, implement sustainable best practices across the entire company and its employees, as well as communicate its purposes and successes to all its stakeholders.

This initiative, which foresees the intention to create and validate objectives through transparent communication, not only benefits the environment but also results in long-term operational savings.

Below are some milestones of the Sustainability Team:

Creation of the Sustainability Team (16.09.2019): ACL Impex made the decision to address sustainability, giving life in 2019 to a dedicated team. The initial integration of the Procurement and Accounting sectors is the result of the company’s awareness, leading to the decision to create an interdisciplinary team. This strategy not only directly addressed environmental concerns but also promoted a culture of collaboration among different areas of the company, strengthening the commitment to sustainability in all operations.

Expansion of the Team with Marketing Elements (12.12.2022): In a later milestone, ACL Impex recognized the need to incorporate marketing perspectives into its approach to sustainability. On December 12, 2022, the company took a significant step by integrating two members from the marketing team, thus expanding the influence of sustainability in all facets of the business. The merger of seemingly distinct sectors, such as marketing and sustainability, not only enriched the team with diverse skills but also strengthened ACL Impex’s ability to effectively communicate its sustainable initiatives to the market.

Team Adjustments for Greater Efficiency (27/11/2023): On November 27, 2023, ACL Impex made strategic adjustments to optimize its team. The replacement of a marketing team member with an external marketing consultant brought not only specialized expertise from a less centralized perspective but also a more impartial and objective view. By bringing in an external marketing consultant, ACL Impex demonstrates its commitment to effectively analyze, validate, and communicate the progression of actions in favor of sustainability. This decision not only ensures an impartial view but also drives innovation, aligning the company’s sustainable practices with the latest market trends.

Sustainability, by its nature, is dynamic, committed to continually enriching the team, improving it, and adapting it to circumstances that allow for enhanced performance in favor of sustainability. Fresh updates will undoubtedly emerge shortly.

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