Environmental Policy

Climate Action

The framework of our environmental policy contemplates global efforts towards a more sustainable future. Some of the principles include using 100% electric vehicles, as well as energy costs, and waste control.

Climate issues are a key force that guides us to develop a sustainable model that is respectful of Nature and complies with legal provisions.

Clean Energy

In addition to the transition to a clean energy source, ACL Impex has an all-electric fleet, to reduce carbon emissions during daily commutes

Textile and Plastic Waste

Textile, plastic, and urban waste are delivered to accredited entities. Our company’s concern is to encourage the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials. Thus, textile waste resulting from production is recycled and converted into new fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping in mind that each step of the textile supply chain has its own environmental and social impact, we exclusively choose suppliers that meet climate and social criteria at all stages of the value chain.

Development Innovations

Currently implementing new software to promote efficiency and monitor possible problems, ACL Impex continuously invests in innovation to develop more sustainable products and reduce the environmental impact of production. Our efforts also involve collaborating with other institutions to improve and streamline internal processes from production to back office.

Sustainable Agriculture

ACL Impex participates in several programs, including CottonConnect, Better Cotton Initiative, and Global Organic Textile Standard. The aim is to use raw materials grown with sustainable agricultural practices that minimize the use of chemicals, promote crop diversity, and protect the soil.
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