Qualification For External Markets Nr. 1785

Co-financed by

Project name
ACL IMPEX – Qualification for Foreign Markets


Project code (NUP)


Objective of operation
To strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs


Region of intervention


ACL Impex, L.da


Date of approval


Start date


Completion date


Total eligible cost: 251,107.89 EUR
Financial support from the European Union: 112,998.55 EUR


Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results
With this project, the company intends to create and design logos for the brands: Amalia Home Collection, Stitch & Loop, Mason & Street, OYO, as well as the conception and design of textile designs for the *Amalia Home Collection* brand.


At the same time, it is seeking to position itself in terms of quality, proposing to obtain the *EGYPTIAN COTTON* and *MASTERS OF LINEN* labels.


It also intends to strengthen its competitive position within the scope of the aforementioned, obtain IDI-NP4457 certification, and aims to hire a level 6 technician for the area of brand management, and management of the B2C platform, in the various geographical markets.

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