Sourcing Policy

Supply Chain Tracebility

ACL Impex is proud to have long-standing partnerships with several reliable suppliers, who provide differentiated product responses, ensuring the best supply chain management


We source a large quantity of different raw materials from a network of domestic and international suppliers and distributors, including the sourcing of yarns, greige fabrics, and related services.

Responsible Sourcing

The selection of suppliers is based on a strict process that values quality and sustainability at all stages. By partnering up with suppliers that meet such protocols, ACL Impex mitigates negative impacts and generates benefits not only for the company itself, but for society in general.

Steady Partners

We understand that we cannot achieve our goals alone. Therefore, we work with a network of close partners to build transparent and ethical supply chains together. The longevity of these alliances also guarantees the quality and consistency of the services provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping in mind that each step of the textile supply chain has its own environmental and social impact, we exclusively choose suppliers that meet climate and social criteria at all stages of the value chain.
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